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About Osteo-Tech

Osteo-Tech shares office space with Articular in the Lauttasaari district of Helsinki. We can utilise in our operations the resources of both companies with regard to personnel and logistics. Osteo-Tech represents products in the speciality areas of hand and foot surgery, as well as spinal surgery. We train health care specialists in the use of our products. Instruction and demonstrations for users take place at our clients’ facilities in hospitals and operating rooms, and in Europe, at the educational centres of our partners. Through our entrepreneurial activity and the products we represent, we make an effort to participate in the development of health care and treatment methods, and to improve the patients’ quality of life also in the future.

From the menu on this page, you can acquaint yourself with the products we represent, and also read in more detail about the different procedures in which the products are used.


For the Baltic Sea

Osteo-Tech supports two rowing Finns in the Talisker Whisky challenge over Atlantic Ocean to raise funds for saving Baltic sea.

You can read more about this challenge from