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Groupe Fournitures Hospitalières FOURNITURES HOSPITALIERES originally distributed only small medical devices in France. The company shifted its focus to the orthopaedic field in the 1970s, and became a manufacturer of orthopaedic products after making corporate acquisitions in 1984, 1991 and 1995 (French companies QUARTEX, OMCI and LUER).

FOURNITURES HOSPITALIERES increasingly specialised in orthopaedics in the 2000s, and over the past five years has focused on orthopaedics alone. It has a strong customer base in France and a worldwide distribution network.

The company designs unique treatment solutions together with expert surgeons from FH ORTHOPEDICS and the field of orthopaedic surgery.

The use of implants and instruments that adhere to strict quality requirements ensures patient safety.

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Päivi Pulliainen
Sales Representative
Eastern Finland
040 5516 555
paivi.pulliainen (@)
Raine Oksanen
Sales Representative
Uusimaa region and Southern Finland
040 5704 555
raine.oksanen (@)
Maarit Kettunen
Sales Representative
Northern Finland
040 7020 555
maarit.kettunen (@)